Why AutoGuard


Imagine life without your car

Hard to think about, isn't it?

But, what most people don't think about is how difficult life would be. How would you get to work? To the grocery store? To school?

A car is the most important asset that you have. Our job is simple: to protect your most important asset. You never think a breakdown is going to happen, but over 80% of our customers experience a breakdown during the time they have their protection plan.

There are many different types of companies that offer Vehicle Protection Plans. AutoGuard is different.

Here's how:

  • All of our plans are easy to read100%
  • All of our plans offer first day rentals!98%
  • All of our plans have the best limits of liability in the industry99%
  • Our Platinum Plus and Gold Plus Plans are two protection plans in one94%
  • All of our claims adjusters are mechanics100%


Why is AutoGuard an exceptional administrator?

Customer and client service comes first!

We view all of our agents as partners, not just “agents” or “salesmen”. Rather, we feel and believe if you succeed, we succeed! When someone partners with AutoGuard, we are willing to devote our vast array of knowledge, assistance, and help in whatever aspect we can to help our partners succeed.

But not only are we dedicated to making sure you have the best experience, we also know that the way we treat your customers (yes, they are YOUR customers) is vital to having a successful business and preserving the reputation of your business. That’s why all of AutoGuard’s claims adjusters are trained in the art of customer service and retention. Unlike most administrators, we also talk to your customer when they have a claim!

Often administrators don’t interface with customers—and that causes problems. We call your customer and let them know what is going on with their claim—every step of the way, so you don’t have to! And, if for some reason we have to deny their claim, we let them know why and try to resolve their issue. This reduces the number of customer service calls to you.

Your customer is your customer. Period.

Most importantly: Our Plans are designed for your customers.

Our plans are designed to keep your customers.

Reading through a coverage book of most administrators looks like reading a “gotcha” contract written by high-paid attorneys who write in every contingency in the contract to protect the administrator from any contingent liability.

They show no regard to the language, clarity, or way it is written. This often scares off savvy consumers who read their contract. Our contracts are different! All of our contracts are easy to read, do not contain “scary” or “restrictive” language, and contain things that customers love, such as:


Limits of Liability


First Day Rental on ALL covered repairs


Customers can change their own oil!


No dollar limit on towing