Protection Plans

coverage covers nearly everything on your vehicle with the exception of exclusions and wear and tear items. Our platinum plus coverage covers all customers for an additional 5 years and 100,000 miles from the date of purchase of their protection plan. Once the covered vehicle reaches 100,000 miles on its odometer, the Platinum Plus plan becomes a powertrain plus plan, covering the most important components on a vehicle. Normally, a customer would have to take out a new protection plan once they reach 100,000 miles. This innovative "two in one" protection plan makes it easy for customers who want the maximum coverage for their vehicle at the best possible price.
Plus coverage is nearly as comprehensive as our platinum. The difference is that while our platinum plan covers everything except exclusions, our gold plan names all of the different covered components. Gold coverage covers nearly every system--from the most important things such as your engine, transmission, drive axles, and suspension, to minor things such as your radio, electrical items, and other minor components. Like our platinum, our gold plan is also a "two in one" plan, allowing customers to get the best coverage for the best price.
Enhanced coverage plan covers all of the necessary components-- your "powertrain" (engine, transmission, drive axles, and transfer case), however it also covers much more. It covers many electrical items such as your alternator and starter down to your power window motors, door lock actuators, trunk switch, and more. It also covers your cooling system, fuel system, and your air conditioning system. The Powertrain Enhanced plan is designed for higher mileage vehicles and covers many components that are at high risk of breakdown. Seals and gaskets are covered in connection with a covered repair.
Our Powertain Plus coverage plan covers the parts at highest risk for breakdown, but like our Powertrain Enhanced plans, it covers more also. In addition to covering the powertrain, it also covers important electrical items such as the alternator and starter, and covers your air conditioning unit. Seals and gaskets are also covered in connection with a covered repair.
Our Powertrain coverage plan covers the parts at the highest risk of breakdown that are also the most expensive and is designed specifically for very high mileage vehicles. Our Powertrain plan covers the powertrain--engine, transmission, drive axle, transaxle, transfer case, and seals and gaskets in connection with a covered repair.